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More From From the Magazine. When astrology is openly discussed at work, it can be its own kind of team building. A few tbts in celebration of the birth of beyonce, our Virgo queen!

A post shared by not all geminis notallgeminis on Sep 4, at pm PDT. In June, her company got a Gemini birthday cake for all of her coworkers who identify as Geminis.


Astrology can provide language and context for social interactions—a crutch to explain away behavior, in some cases, but also a conduit for freer expression. The same can be true of workplace interactions. Is it so bad to group people by sign?

Zodiac Signs as Vines - Gemini Edition

Your sun sign alone may not accurately represent who you are, but take a gander at your full birth chart, and the reading feels intimate and endlessly customizable. Denise describes an eerily accurate reading she recently got on the Pattern app, which detailed her relationship with managers, including the specific type of micromanaging that she dislikes. Over the years, tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator have been used at work to help narrow down potential job candidates and encourage team building.

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Though taken by millions of people a year , the Myers-Briggs test has little to no basis in the scientific method. Kelly believes astrology is a more comprehensive alternative. Comrade Bubblegum???? For Kasey Edwards, CEO of childcare startup Helpr , astrology also carries less judgment than some workplace personality tests.

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As astrology has grown in popularity, Kelly has even been asked to share her insights with consulting groups in New York. Astro content has long been popular with the Girlboss community, so allowing them to share details of their sign or personality type alongside work experience seemed like a natural fit, says Girlboss editor-in-chief and COO Neha Gandhi. Some of our community members take that reading very seriously.

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Edwards keeps a deck of tarot cards in the office, and when people come by for a meeting, she often asks if they want to pull a card. According to my good friend Rachel, who celebrates her birthday this weekend, "Gemini season is a time for lively discourse and socializing," especially because, as she says and has regularly proven to me, Geminis can talk a mile a minute.

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  • Stop caring as much about what other people think, but prioritize learning what other people care about. Like the brand's previous Mini Zodiac palettes, the new Gemini edition — available on bhcosmetics. According to BH, it's "an alluring mix of classic browns, rich greens, and vibrant shades of sunset," and, "The pigment-infused mattes and shimmers, plus a champagne-hued baked highlighter, can be worn alone or layered and blended to create strikingly luxe looks for any occasion.