Tagalog horoscope february 19 2020

Aries, wait until the spring for a big boost in confidence and the feeling of being able to do anything. Watt says, "April will have you charging forward with confidence and your self-esteem will be on an upswing as you effortlessly maneuver through the fiery energy of your season on the zodiac! If you've been feeling creative, Taurus, September is your time to really take advantage of that. Stardust says, "September is time to take your artistic energies to the public, as they will be starry eyed with your beautiful creations. May is going to be a good month for you, especially the very end of the month.

Watt says, "If you've been feeling lost without a partner, never fear Gemini!

Aries (March 20-Apr. 19)

May 30 brings opportunities around love and partnership to the forefront of your life, just in time for your birthday! Cancers get two chances for a lucky month: Stardust says, "The light shines on you in July, however, September allows you to access your power and assert your goals.

Leo season might be during the summer, but in , you're really going to shine right in the beginning of the year.

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Watt says, "February brings you a surge of creative energy. Take advantage of this time to showcase your talents and shine brightly, sun baby! For Virgos, it's all about your birth month.

GEMINI 2020 KAPALARAN - HOROSCOPE prediction tagalog

Stardust says, "September allows your talents to be shown off and appreciated by others. Libra, wait until the spring of for some exciting life updates. Watt says, "Sweet Libra, April is your month for love! You can count on harmonious new partnerships or a return to balance if you and your mate have hit any bumps recently. Scorpio, you'll have to wait until the very end of the summer to get your luck.

Chinese Year 2020: beginning of a new astral cycle

Stardust says, "End of August is high time for you to use your connections for fame. For Sagittarius, it's all about the very beginning of the year. Watt says, "You've got a lucky year ahead of you, brave archer, especially in January when Venus and Jupiter align with your sun.

Be sure to take as many shots as possible this year and watch as your arrows land in some truly magical places! Capricorn, you can expect a boost in the beginning of the new year, sending positive vibes for the rest of the months. Stardust says, "January puts you in the limelight, letting others appreciate your efforts. Aquarius, don't sleep through the second month of ! Watt says, "February will have you in the mood to celebrate your recent birthday with family and friends, surrounding yourself with the people you love will surely fill your cup with luck and inspiration!

Chinese horoscope 2020 - New Year of the Rat 2020

Pisces, you get two chances at being extra lucky this year. The date of the Chinese New Year is January 25, Metal is the main Chinese zodiac element all year long. The Year of the Metal Rat is marked by radical positions and choices. If any new initiatives taken during the year must be carefully measured in order to minimize risk taking and maximize its chances of success, it doesn't mean that instinct won't take part in the decision-making process, quite the contrary.

Rat Horoscope 2020 & Feng shui Predictions

All decisions made during this year of starting a new cycle will influence the next 12 years. According to the Chinese horoscope , when it comes to managing your finances, idleness and hesitation are out of the question.

In , it's all about helping oneself before worrying about others' business. Otherwise, the price could be heavy for those who haven't resolved their own problems in priority and who have preferred to let time slip to pursue chimeras. Passionate about everything he undertakes, the Metal Rat loves his freedom more than anything and hates being incited or coerced in situations that he finds unpleasant or boring.

The Metal Rat is the most jealous and the most domineering of his peers. His thirst for recognition and admiration doesn't seem to have any limits. Brilliant and ingenious when it comes to finding solutions to difficult problems, the Metal Rat, however, has a hard time accepting and learning from his failures.

Pisces Horoscope: Daily & Today | uwyrowaped.tk

Not fond of solitude, when he is deprived of the unwavering moral support of his relatives, the Metal Rat is prone to depression. Malicious and emotional when in a good mood, it is also important to note that he is the most generous of all Rats generosity not being the main characteristic of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat. In Chinese culture, the metal element symbolizes autumn, that is, harvest time. Particularly interesting when the Metal is associated with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat, the year is therefore a period during which the individuals having invested in important projects the preceding years can expect to see their incomes strongly increase.

The Year of the Metal Rat is the year of renewed ambitions and strategies, where one turn one's back to the past without regret. Flexible and rigid at the same time, it is important to learn how to handle Metal in order to extract its full potential. An atmosphere of financial opportunity dominates the year , which accentuates the tensions created by the unscrupulous behaviors of reckless opportunists, ready to do anything to take advantage of profitable and sometimes dubious investments at their only advantage.

Nevertheless, it is preferable to avoid any direct confrontation in the event of misunderstanding during a financial transaction, unless you are ready to firmly defend your interests.

The Year of the Metal Rat 2020

If so, wisdom and diplomacy remain your best allies to avoid the pitfalls of a miscalculated strategy or the betrayal of a partner in too much of a hurry. According to the Chinese horoscope , the colors to be favored this year in order to balance the energy flows of the 5 elements of Chinese cosmology Wu Xing are blue and white. Indeed, the combination of Water blue, black and Metal white, gray, gold allows fluidity and bring flexibility and a dynamic of success to financial transactions and trade. The signing of new contracts is facilitated if white and blue are present in the direct environment of the signatories, be it the place or their person clothing, accessories.

Water makes it possible to prevent Metal from being trapped in its rigid, warlike and sharp state, and while helping it to transform itself, brings it clairvoyance in the fields of trade and business.

bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/conocer-gente-en-gratis-gernika-lumo.php We should also remember that the sign of the Rat, a sign of Water par excellence, is intelligent and intuitive. On the other hand, the Metal Rat, animal of the year , is in a perpetual floating state between dream Water and reality Metal. A house or apartment move, an installation abroad or a radical lifestyle change can be expected, which may call into question previously established social relations. Apart from the many signs of support and encouragement from family and friends, jealous and deceitful individuals may seek to discourage the creative impulse of those seeking to embark on entrepreneurial ventures or to change jobs.

Patience and unwavering determination shall help protect us from any outside disruption during the Year of the Metal Rat In , following a year of study and preparation during the Year of the Pig , it is time to take action and make plans. Many professional opportunities are to be seized.